Costs and Performance Reports

The system provides different kinds of reports, such as opened arc time, process failures and data about the real cost of each weld.


The Intellimig Portal receives all the welding process information from the shop floor, providing data and reports of management in a qualitative and technical way on any computer or mobile device connected to the internet. The informations are stored in a totally safe and secure server, making it an excellent tool for full control of the welding department in your company.

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Intelligent Portal for management of the welding process, fully prepared for the Industry 4.0

Remote Management

It allows the management of the factory, departments, equipments and welders through internet access.

Registration and Control

Monitoring the efficiency and productivity of each welder or equipment.


Ability to identify the welding history (operator’s identity and used parameters) through scientific graphics.

How does the Intellimig Portal Works?


The Intellimig portal is a web platform that can be accessed by any device with internet connection. You can access all the informations about the welding process in real-time.

The Intellimig Portal receives data from Sumig Intelligent products and provides graphics and informations for the registered users with internet access.